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What Is Open Table Faith?

Many people in Tyler & East Texas are spiritually restless — wanderers, wonderers, doubters, “exvangelicals” and church refugees. We routinely hear the stories…

Some have just begun a journey of “deconstruction” – questioning long held beliefs and practices – and others have been on this journey for years. Some remain in a church that no longer “fits,” struggling to balance their need for community with an experience that shuts down questions or doubts. Some find their faith evolving.

Plenty of those people have been misunderstood, chastised, or even labeled “heretics.” Others have stepped away from their church, or even abandoned their faith altogether – disappointed and disillusioned. This experience is most often lonely and isolating, especially in places where the dominant expression of faith looks only one way, certainty.

If that’s you, please know that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. We’ve been there too, and we believe there is another way.

Open Table Faith is a group of friends at First Christian Church in Tyler, TX who create spaces for honest conversation, spiritual exploration and compassionate action.

Throughout the year, we convene gatherings (think conferences), workshops, communities of practice, art, music, lectures, blogs, podcasts, and other content to facilitate these 3 values. Our desire is to draw together a diverse community of other spiritual seekers, wanderers, doubters and misfits in and around Tyler & East Texas — sharing stories, sharing life, and gathering around a more open, expansive and inclusive faith.

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